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Set of 6 previously released Naked & Shameless CDs in one case, two full albums, a mini-album, two EPs, and a 3-track single. (1) 13 Drinking Songs (2) Mayberry STD (3) Drink, Fight, Fuck (4) Dig Big (5) The Orange Peel Sessions (6) Hot Dawg!


This is the US version that comes in a mutli-disc Jewel Case.

Naked & Shameless – A Six Pack of Naked & Shameless CD[6]

SKU: VD042
$53.97 Regular Price
$26.99Sale Price
  • Artist: Naked & Shameless

    Title: A Six-Pack of Naked & Shameless

    Format: CD

    Label: Atomic Mouse Recordings.

    Catalog Number: VD042

    Year: 2008